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Ready to get artful? is your source for professional editing and proofing, helping you express yourself with style and flair.

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"Recently I launched a new company, so of course I needed a great website. I was already feeling pretty good about my copy, but after a friend’s suggestion, I decided to use Artful Editing. I’m glad I did. My editor not only spotted a few problematic words I hadn’t noticed, but improved the overall impact and clarity of my company’s message. Highly recommended!"

- Michael Rizzo, President - Personal Talent and Media Group


Patricia Lancaster edits academic and corporate publications as well as research papers and theses. She holds a PhD in French from Emory University and teaches in the Master of Liberal Studies program at Rollins.  Her publications include articles on French theater and an entry on Jean Tardieu for the Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 321.  She also translates French academic and literary texts into English.


William Strunk, Jr. in The Elements of Style (1918)

Vigorous writing is concise.



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